Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I love emails. Emails are great! Emails are the fastest way to communicate these days and most people respond to them before they'll return a phone call. And in that department, I couldn't be more pleased! But don't you agree that there is just something unique about a hand-written letter? Today I got a cherished letter from one of my close friends who is currently in Marine Boot camp. I have been writing him every week because we have been told that it really helps boost their moral. His 2 1/2 pages of scribles was more than I could ask for!
And so, if you ever find yourself, perhaps on a rainy afternoon, with nothing to do, I have a great idea! Find an ole piece of scrap paper, a couple of stamps, and write me a little note! Well, that's only if you want. I can't promise when it'll get here. The Boot camp letter took 6 days to get here. But it took my dad 4 weeks to get my postcard. Its a guessing game down here. But doesn't that just make it more exciting!?!
School is great...all A's and B's. Well, only ONE B actually. A little less than 3 months to go! Had my first experience with "cucaracha" today. They are as ugly down here as up there, only they are BIGGER! My new hero (next to my dad of course) is my tica mom. She just marched right in my room and gave it a good CRRRUUUNCH! Aren't you just so jealous? Sweet dreams to all!
Hasta Luego! (see ya later)


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hey girl! Too true about mail, I love getting mail too! Great blog entry! Erin

Sean said...

You're very articulate. Great video!