Tuesday, April 17, 2007

!sUnnY flOriDa!

I'm on my final day in the Tampa area and have had such a wonderful time. I spent the first part of my week in Sarasota with friends doing some visiting and resting. I got to spend some time with my pal Michael and his parents Barry and Kay. I then sang and set up my missions display at their Saturday evening service for which they lead worship. Then I headed an hour north to Tampa where I have spent 3 days with my cousin Heather and her husband and three children. Tony and Heather pastor a church, Morning Star, and their congregation is filled with the most welcoming people. All in all, I presented my mission to two churches and have been delighted to see the interest that people have shown towards my calling.
I am headed back to Atlanta this evening where I will begin to prepare to speak with the people who attend my church as well as the biker church that my dad helps lead. This "team Colombia" is really coming together. Well, till next time folks!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Christ has Risen!

Just a note to all, as we hurry about in our Easter festivities to not forget what it is we are celebrating. I say this because I have had to pinch myself a couple of times this weekend and remember what its all about. We're so used to the Easter plays at church, the egg hunts and baskets for little ones, and the big family lunch on Sunday. But as i sat yesterday, a little sad for no particular reason whatsoever, I reminded myself of Christ's sacfrifice and that there is nothing in the world that I should let dampen my spirits. His sacrifice is the cause of a joy that lives in my heart which no man can put out. Be blessed this Easter.