Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's official!

Well folks, I am officially a Latin America Mission missionary appointee. Wow that's a mouthful. Things are getting really exciting around here. I'm currently trying to find the best way to go about getting a visa for Colombia. There are several different options and its a very complicated process. I'm not the first to do this though and I won't be the last, so God knows what needs to happen!
I am sending out my prayer and support letters this next week. That is a very prayer-filled process as I need to raise quite a bit of support in a short period of time. The amount I'm raising generally takes nine months to a full year to raise and I only have six months! I truly believe that the Lord is going to provide for this and I know that its going to be amazing to watch Him bring it all together.
The car is still up for sale. I haven't had much activity from the Internet and catalog advertisements. Hopefully it'll pick up because the sooner I can check that off my long to-do list, the better!
On a more personal note, I've been studying Proverbs in my prayer time. I have read this book before and mom and I were recently discussing how the Bible always offers something new. Proverbs is full of encouragement. I always feel so refreshed after reading. I told mom that its like a glass of cold water when my mouth is dry. Silly right? But she reminded me that God's word is the bread of life and quenches a thirsty soul. Through this process of going into full-time missions, I am so encouraged that God's word is very much alive. It brings me back to why I'm going in the first place.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Here we go...

Welcome to my blog! Things are just gettting started with my move to South America and I couldn't be more excited! God has really moved so much in my life this past year. I recently returned from Miami for an orientation to better understand who the Latin America Mission is and for them to get to know me. To make a long story short, I am moving in August as a partner with them. Technically I'm still waiting for final approval from them, but I've been assured that there are no problems. ;) To find out more go to
I am currently getting the paperwork together for the big move and am excited to see how God is going to faithfully work out all the details. I recently put my car up for sale (know anybody who needs one?) heehee. And I'm in the early stages of support raising. Still working at Starbucks, I am very involved in my home church here in Atlanta. They have recently started a Latino service and I love my new family there.
I have created this site so that you all can see what I'm up to, share it with friends and family, and keep in touch with me about the happenings in your life! I'll update it as much as possible but feel free to email me a note here and there so we can chat! Blessings (bendiciones)!