Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Holding loosely to the plan!

Lately I have been struggling with sleep. It seems that I was so wound up about my plans and future that I would lay awake and wrestle everything in my mind. Trying to answer my own questions, wondering all the "what ifs". I have always been a planner and have been dissapointed when things havn't gone my way. Those of you who have a personal relationship with me can vouch for that.
Well, I received some very wise council one evening not too long ago and was reminded that whatever you try to control, will always end up controlling you. So I have had this "3-year" itinerary in my mind for Colombia. I've been clinging to it. Not anymore! God's timing is the most important thing and since He hasn't sent me His itinerary for my life, I'm going to hold loosely to the plans. I take care of them and and responsible for them, but I don't squeeze the very life right out of them.
I only say this to, one, possibly be an encouragement for those of you who may be clinging to a dream or plan to a point where all the joy is lost from it. And, two, to explain that instead of always knowing how and when and how long, I'm going to go with what God is doing. If I end up in Colombia for 5 years, so be it. If I end up there only for 1 year, I'm ok with that. It isn't the amount of time that matters, its what God does with the time I'm given that is important.
Many blessings to you and yours as we head on into the fall and the joys that come with the approaching holidays. Keep in touch!