Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Its too early in the morning to be thinking about Colombia. Or is it? Couldn't sleep and woke up with Colombia on the mind. As we head full swing into it, I can't help but fear a few things. Mainly, that support won't get raised any time soon and we'll be stranded with only a dream and a never ending unknown departure date that is always slightly out of reach. Of course God is in control of this, but the economy is just about as bad as it could be for missionaries.

So as we begin to support raise and have written the first draft of what will be our May support letter, I can't help but toss and turn and pray that God will do a miracle. Somehow it'll get raised right? And how can I, in good conscious, ask struggling folks who have been out of work for a year+ to help send us to Colombia? These are ramblings, but they are the true happenings of a restless missionary's mind. So there ya have it folks...worry. Yes, we "super-spiritual-holy-missionary-people" can worry too! :)

Now to try and sleep at least one more hour until that alarm buzzez me to the bank...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Along with the new design of my blog, I am putting a new twist into my posts. I'm trying to blog more, but about what? These days I just go to work, go to the gym, cook dinner, and then sleep for a few hours before doing it all over again. I'm NOT complaining, but the truth is that nobody wants to read about what's for dinner or how many checks I cashed at the bank today. And since this blog is supposed to be about "the ups and downs of a missionary" I figured I should write about what's going on with that.

In order to report on "life as a missionary", things are probably going to get a little more personal. We aren't there yet. We aren't serving in that capacity yet. But everything in me wants to be there already. Fully immersed into service, Spanish, and ministry. But that's not where God has us quite yet. So this blog will, from here on out, be about what I deal with personally as we prepare to go, support raise, and long for the day to arrive when we'll board that flight to the unknown.

I can't promise there won't be posts where its obvious that I'm frustrated. After all, how many of us wish at times God would work with OUR schedule instead of feeling like He's just "penciled us in" for some unknown date out yonder?! Whatever the case, I look forward to sharing my journey with you, as transparently as I dare. So, enjoy reading about diary of a missionary in the making! Hasta Luego!