Friday, August 28, 2009


Love is in the air folks! Aaron and I were married on August 15th and had a wonderful time in Mexico for our honeymoon (see pics below). Now its back to reality. But, reality is good right now, so there are no complaints. We both have jobs, a lovely apartment, and are pursuing with prayer our future in missions. I'm enjoying settling in as a wife with all the things that come with it. Most of them, I'm sure, are yet to be discovered. But I've had fun cooking, setting up our home, and yes, I have even enjoyed doing our laundry. Haha

Our missionary status with the Latin America Mission has changed back to "Missionary Appointees" which is the fancy way of saying that we are back in the support-raising stage of what missionaries do before heading to the field. We probably won't get too into the support-raising until late this year or early 2010. God has His hand in this and we trust Him completely with the timing and finances of this great life He has called us to. We are resting in Him and enjoying the life he has for us TODAY because a very good book tells us that tomorrow has its own issues! ;)

Enjoy the pics below. Unfortunately I do not have wedding pictures yet and probably won't for some time. But when I do, I'll be sure and post some for all you out there who were not able to be with us at our wedding. We appreciate your continued prayers as we learn to love each other as man and wife as well as explore what all the Lord has for us as a couple. Many blessings to you as this year already begins to come to a close!