Sunday, May 02, 2010

In our Beloved Colombia!

Here we are in Colombia (pictures to come soon). So much time counting down to this moment! Medellin is a beautiful place and when they say it sits in a bowl, they MEAN it! We are surrounded by extremely steep mountains in every direction. Sitting here, I feel the amazing breeze, hear the buzzing of cars driving by (way too fast I'm sure), and as we rode through the city today, I smelled about every possible smell in the course of one mile. From fresh bread to fresh sewage... But it doesn't bug me. Nor did my freezing cold shower this morning or the bed I slept in last night that is quite a bit firmer than I'm used to. Nope. At home, "some" (my father and husband) might tell you that I'm a princess. And I might agree with them on occasion (hey-just being honest here). But when I come here, its like no amount of rain, heat, mosquitos, or days without a real bathroom visit can bother me. (too honest?) :)

What DOES upset me greatly is some of the things I see here and am helpless with. The 5 or 6 people I saw sleeping next to eachother under a bridge this morning covered in newspaper. Or driving by the poor areas where the homes in NO WAY qualify as a house. This country, like EVERY country, is in need. And for some reason, God has placed Colombia in our heart. We're ready to be here, living amongst them and sharing His love. And so the be-patient-and-wait-on-God game begins.

More news to come as time allows. Please keep us in your prayers this week!