Friday, March 30, 2007

Doors A'swingin

Oh my!!! This will certainly be a short one as it can be summed up in one word. WOW! God is my provider! Any of you who recieved my support letter might understand that I have quite a bit of money to raise. Well, when it rains, it pours (just not in Atlanta right now). I am getting such possitive responses to my support letter and feel so blessed. I'm excited about this amazing group that God is bringing together. I am proud to have all of you walk with me.
Isn't it true that God is the AUTHOR and the FINISHER of our faith? He wrote this out for my life before I was ever alive, and now HE is carrying out the plans he has for me. What more of a confirmation of calling could I ask for than this? So those of you who doubt what He can do...when you're walking in line with His will, He doesn't just open the doors for you, they go a'swingin wide! (the little Georgian in me came out a bit in that one) Be encouraged! Wait upon the Lord. And one day, when I'm down and out, I'll need you to remind me of His promises!

Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, my cute little Mazda is no longer mine. It was a little sad to see my first big purchase drive away, but it is a relief to know that I am free of those payments! Well, that's one more thing I can just cross of this mega "to do" list that I have. Praise the Lord!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


This season in my life is filled with "firsts." But then, ya have to think, how boring would life be if we just ran in circles? My biggest, most recent, and most exciting first is this week's pledge from a financial supporter! I'm so thrilled that God has brought them in as financial partners. This journey of team building can be very trying. It is so encouraging when I see little (or big) hints that God is still in control.
Other firsts that I'm experiencing is a complete reverb of my, once comfotable, personality and hint of OCD. Sound odd? Well is sure feels ODD! No, in working with the Latin church, I am finding that the Lord is stretching me in new ways and preparing me for the Latin world. I am NOT complaining and I couldn't love New Birth Latino more! It is just very clear to me that this is where the Lord has me and its for the specific purpose of building a home team, and preparing me to live in the culture. Well, I'm trying to shorten these things so you don't all feel overwhelmed. But I'm only an email away so start clickin! Blessings and may God gift you with many firsts this week!
Zoe Danielle

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

Ok, so the whole faith thing is harder than it seems. I have been on such an amazing spiritual high. And I still am! Actually, I'm beginning to understand its not just a temporary high. Rather, God is bringing me to a new level in Him. God is just doing so much in my life right now. You know that old song..."Count your blessings, name them one-by-one"? Well, I wouldn't know where to start.
So, not to take away from that by any means, but raising support is such an extreme leap of faith. It is like God has blind-folded me and told me to hop off a cliff with no assurance of a safety net. I just have to believe He's gonna provide. I used to think that living off of support would be so much easier than having to work a 40 hr/week job and provide for myself. But the truth is, God is providing no matter what your occupation. And secondly, it IS NOT ANY EASIER. In fact, it takes all ability out of my hands of making any kind of money, and forces me to practice the greatest faith of my life that I WILL make it to Colombia, I WILL always have food on my plate, and I dont' have to worry about a roof over my head. I'm also not promised that I will have a departure date of August 28th like I'm hoping and planning for. I'll go when my pledges have reached the required amount and once God has built a team with me that will last through thick and thin.
God is teaching me how to trust Him with it all. Sometimes i do great, other times I lose a little sleep, but I always know that this is what He has called me to. So I rest assured that He won't leave me behind to fin for myself. It is truly an amazing journey. I love this walk that I'm taking. It may feel like its a long walk through a pitch-black room. But the Lord's hand is inter-twined with mine and I can hear his voice whispering peace into my spirit. It may be a huge test for me, but I know that nothing is too big for the Lord.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Taking Flight!

Happy March! I have had a very active two weeks. There are many things taking flight in my life and it seems to just be one thing after another. I guess that's how life is when you're planning a cross-country move. ;) As my support letters were taking flight accross the nation, I was suddenly informed by my parents that we would be taking flight to Phoenix Arizona on an emergency trip. On February 21st, my sweet grandfather took flight home. He was 87 and had an amazing life,living all over the world as a missionary and full-time minister. It was not a huge shock to the family as we had been watching a progressive decline over the past few years. He went into the hospital two days prior to his death and they discovered that his major organs were quickly dying.
As often happens, times such as these remind us of our humanity and to make the most of everything. I know he was proud of the legacy he has left behind in the McLuhan family and I am so proud to have known him and to have been schooled under his wisdom.
I have had several nibles on the car, but still no bite. But God is taking care of it! As I briefly mentioned, the support letters have been sent and I am now waiting to be in touch with many of you and praying that God is building up a great team for the ministry in Colombia.
I encourage you to continue trusting Him with the details of your life. It seems that I sleep more soundly knowing He's always awake up there working things out for the good of those who love and trust Him. Until next time!
Make it a good day!