Thursday, March 22, 2007


This season in my life is filled with "firsts." But then, ya have to think, how boring would life be if we just ran in circles? My biggest, most recent, and most exciting first is this week's pledge from a financial supporter! I'm so thrilled that God has brought them in as financial partners. This journey of team building can be very trying. It is so encouraging when I see little (or big) hints that God is still in control.
Other firsts that I'm experiencing is a complete reverb of my, once comfotable, personality and hint of OCD. Sound odd? Well is sure feels ODD! No, in working with the Latin church, I am finding that the Lord is stretching me in new ways and preparing me for the Latin world. I am NOT complaining and I couldn't love New Birth Latino more! It is just very clear to me that this is where the Lord has me and its for the specific purpose of building a home team, and preparing me to live in the culture. Well, I'm trying to shorten these things so you don't all feel overwhelmed. But I'm only an email away so start clickin! Blessings and may God gift you with many firsts this week!
Zoe Danielle


Ghaly said...

So im looking at you photo to the right of this post and i see that you have already celebrated Christmas 2007!!! I guess the time machinces do work.

Amy Powers said...

I got your phone call. I will try and call back this week. I hope to see you before you leave.