Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spinning in Spanish

Imagine if you will, a room full of stationary bikes. Imagine yourself listening to up-beat music, surrounded by other pro-work-outers, cycling and burning that slice of pizza you had last night. Now imagine a pretty good-looking instructor, directly in front of you, motivating you to keep spinning. And now, if you will, imagine that all of his instructions are in SPANISH! Of course I couldn't have expected anything else, but it was really interesting to try and listen to his instruction over the booming salsa, reggae, and MICHAEL JACKSON!
Jessica and I checked out the local "spinning" class. Yes, they say "spinning" here. We relied mostly on the actions of the people around us to inform us of what we were to be doing at various points in the work-out. I'll tell you this though, spinning class is hard in EVERY language. All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoyed the break from running and have full intentions of making this a wednesday night ritual. Until next time!