Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Day in the Life of an I.L.E student

Here I am, backpack loaded, heading off to another day of SPANISH!!!!!!!!! Vamanos (let's go)!

This sign welcomes the students every day and lets the community know who and what we are. I'll give 10 Colones to whoever can translate this sign. (p.s. 10 Colones is about 2 cents so don't get too excited)

When I enter the back gate, this is my view. At the end of the pathway you can see the Administration building. Classroom buildings are on both sides of the pathway. There is a total of about 140 language students but this doesn't include their children.

This is the view from in front of the Administration building. Looking down, you can see the back gate where I enter every day. The campus includes classroom buildings for language students such as myself, highschool students for the teens of language students, and elementary and kinder for the younger offspring of other missionaries studying at the school.

Sitting in my first class, conversation, with a co-student from Korea. BUT-she has lived in and will go back to Colombia with her husband. I have two classes per day, two hours each. The first is seen here and there are 5 of us in this class. After my lunch hour and chapel we have another two hours in our Grammar class. That class is made up of 9 students. Our group has entered in on a more advanced level and let's just say that I'm being "stretched." But hey, how else could I learn? Nothin a little elbow grease can't fix right?

In between classes, sitting on campus, with my classmate and running partner Jessica. The sun is so bright during the day and it got up to bout 80 degrees. With a breeze it isn't so bad and the humidity is practically unnoticeable.

After classes, I take the 6-minute walk home and enjoy THIS view. Not everybody can say that about their school day huh? Que bonita! (how beautiful)

Once home, this is the pile of books that I sift through. So far, no homework. But we're just reviewing to begin with, the hard stuff will come shortly.

The mountain of new vocab words is only just beginning. SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to learn! What an exciting challenge.

Ok, its getting late and my head is spinning with spanish words! Time for bed ZZZzzz... I wonder if I'll dream in English or Spanish.

On a side note, Jessica and I have found that we are having a harder and harder time speaking in English. Yup! Finding some very common English words has become a challenge sometimes. I guess that means we are becoming less like Gringas and more like Ticas??? Only time will tell. Hasta luego amigos! (until next time, friends)


Sean said...

Looks and sounds great!

Anne Marie said...

Together to Serve
Spanish Language Institute

YAY! I won 10 colones :) Glad you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great! Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated. It is wonderful to see the pictures of your new life there. What a great experience!

love you tons and tons,

lucy said...


DE lo que eres y de lo que haces.

es un gran privilegio contar contigo en nuestro ministerio, ya que tocas una necesidad profunda y real de nuestro colombia- bogota.

i will be praying for you.

Carla said...

WOW!! This is an awesome glimpse into your new life. Thanks! I'm praying for you. XOXOXOXO Carla

The McClain's said...

Hi Zoe! Just thought I'd say HI and introduce myself via the net...I'm Brooke and I read about you on my friend Erin's site. Yo soy estudiante a ILE tambien!

Mi esposo piense que nosotros conocimos a Ud. ayer en la calle Bosque cuando Ud. estaba con Rhonda, pero nosotros no sabemos...

Anyway, I'm guessing by the class schedule you described you're at a 2nd tri level- so maybe you can understand that...??

Anyway, Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

Hopefully we can meet soon!

Take Care!
Your fellow student,
Brooke :)

Nervioso said...

La parte sur de bogota eh? eso es bastante duro seƱorita,le deseo suerte y de paso auguro exitos en mi tierra, jamaz se arrepentira de venir por estos lados del continente.

I wrote that in spanish,maybe that could help in your learning :)

Greetings from the Beautiful ciy of bogota.

D said...

How fun was that!! Such a creative idea...glad you're here girl!