Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tiny Update

So much fun...language school is going very well. I've made some friends and am certainly learning. On Sunday we went to a national 'futbol' (soccer) game here in San Jose. We lost but still had a great time. I have my first test tomorrow in my grammar class and I'm ready for it.

I think my body was doing some adjusting this week because I was a bit "under the weather" (details are not necessary, trust me). But I'm doing great now and have no complaints in that regard. I'm still running quite a bit and enjoy being outside a whole lot!

I've saved the best for last: as of this week I have several new supporters! Who knew that I would get all the way to Central America and THEN my support would take a giant leap forward. I'm VERY excited about the new team members and am so thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to have more prayer and financial support. I'm not sure what that puts me at, I haven't run all the numbers yet nor do I know the exact amounts for everyone, but I know that I'm pushing 90%. Un Milagro! (A miracle) So THANK YOU for being faithful in your prayers on this matter. The Lord is working in His time and I'm perfectly happy with that. More to come...


D said...

Hey girl! I like your blog. You should go check mine out and read my recount of our hilarious experience at the mall...!