Monday, June 01, 2009

Honey-Do List

I sit at work, on my lunch break, thinking of the hundreds of things I have to do in the next little bit. My list begins with all the things that must be done before I leave Colombia (in 2 1/2 weeks) as well as all the things I have to do so that I CAN leave Colombia:
1. clean out desk
2. pack up room
3. put together donation pile of things I'm leaving behind
4. finish planning for the 40th anniversary next week

But it doesn't end there. no no. That's actually the short list! The longer lists come with wedding prep and job hunting. I won't even give an example of that cause I wouldn't know where to start.

I am a list girl. I like them. I like writing them and checking off each item as it gets accomplished. But THIS! Woah. I'm hoping to be one of those easy-going brides as the date continues to sneak up on us. But....there is just SO MUCH TO DO! Well, here goes. I'm sure that the blogs from here on out will be entertaining to say the least. Enjoy!


Jill said...

Haha "List Girl" is your official new title in my book! I wonder why I didn't think to call you that sooner... :) Good luck bridezilla-to-be haha jk!