Monday, June 08, 2009

Beginning of the end...

I start this week off with various thoughts floating around in that increasingly cramped mind of mine. This week we prepare to receive 400-500 people for a conference and 150 people for a retreat which will immediately follow the conference. Needless to say, our team of 5 is quite busy.

But, amongst all this hustle, the underlying thought that runs through my brain is that this is my last full week here in Colombia. :( So, aside from the things I'm in charge of with work, I am packing, saying goodbyes, and dealing with the emotions that come with knowing I'm going to see my fiance, family, and friends, but also that I am saying goodbye to many people I love here.

This past weekend there was a little get-together at my boss, Grace's, house because we know there won't be time for a goodbye party this weekend! Check out the picks and, if you think of it, keep me in your prayers this week. I leave in 9 days!


Jill said...

Hey! You will be home in like 9 days!!! I just wanted you to know I FINALLY updated my blog!!! :)