Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I, too, had a 3-day weekend. It wasn't memorial day for me here, but the holiday proved to be quite enjoyable. Among the festivities were several "firsts" for me and/or those around me. Even after a year of living here, there are plenty of firsts to be had! Check it out:

First of all...my roommate and I decided to take our last night out. These next 3 weeks are going to be super full and so I wanted to be sure we made time for this. I took her for Japanese. It was a FIRST for her as she had never had sushi OR eaten with chopsticks. She loved it and did great! Not the most flattering pic of her, but it tells the story:

Then there was a concert. It was my first concert here in Colombia. Aldaba is the group that played. They are a Christian group that get their style from the indigenous music from the peoples of the Andes Mountains here in Colombia. Very cool. The concert was a huge success as they released their 3rd cd.

I DROVE!!!! After a year of living here, I had yet to drive in Colombia. We took a road trip through the mountains to some hot springs and I got to drive. A First in Colombia and a First in 5 months!


Carla said...

Hmmmm . . . interesting . . . this is not the first roommate to have her first sushi with you!! lol!