Sunday, May 27, 2007

News Brief. Read all about it!

I'de like to take this blog opportunity to inform my readers of the current happenings in Colombia. Things seem to be taking a slight turn for the worse over there. Here's what The Independent has to say about the drug situation: "...the Colombian capital city, Bogota, that the "war on drugs" is seriously falling apart..." "...As a model recruit into the "war on drugs" his country has received $5.4bn under the so-called Plan Colombia from Washington for drug control..." "...Yet Colombia is estimated to be producing nearly 800 tons of cocaine every year and it has been an open secret for years that senior politicians and the armed forces are deeply mixed up in drug dealing and the right-wing death squads - coyly referred to as "paramilitaries" are also involved in the trade..." "...More than a dozen senators, congressmen and political insiders have been arrested. This month, two police generals were sacked...." because of how curropt the government is.
And now about the president: I won't quote the articles because they are entirely too long. However, president Uribe of Colombia has been under investigation for his political ties in his earlier days to the right-wing paramilitias who, along with various government officials, have been found guilty of taping phones and apartments of various national and international officials. Also in news...a hostage has escaped from one of the guarila camps, which has been quoted as having similar/worse conditions than the concentration camps of the holocost. Many prisoners have been kept in such camps for over a decade. Don't get me wrong, the camps are not NEARLY the size of those of the holocost, it is their conditions that are similar. They are comprised mostly of x-officials. Not civilians.
I hope that you will join me in prayer for Colombia as its new-found peace seems to be slipping away as quickly as it arrived. This means more potential danger for me while I'm there and it breaks my heart to think that Colombia hasn't seen the end yet.
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Amanda said...

I know that you are fearless... and with a complete faith in God in regards to you being in Colombia. I'm not that strong, and I commend you... but what is LAM doing about making sure you have security while in Colombia? Are there procedures? Regular checkins, An emergency evac procedure.... No one else may wanna know, but we do! Loves ya, and thank you for keeping us up to date.
love, Amanda & the sam.

Amanda said...

Waiting for your next post and response. Patiently, a and s.