Saturday, May 12, 2007

The 2-Mom Special!

Ok, its mother's day weekend. Last night we had my grandfather's memorial (the one who passed away in February) here in Atlanta. My grandmother is in town along with my uncle and cousin from AZ and a host of family from Tennessee and Florida. Of course my new not-so-mom was sitting beside me at the service and my sweet newly widowed grandmother was infront of me. (they were married for over 65 years) AND...we were at this great gathering of all those who knew my grandfather. That, in turn, means that most of them knew my mom Marie. It hit me ya know, I am so blessed: I've had two moms.
That may seem like a twisted way to look at it. And trust me, this phenomenon often has its difficulties. But not only have I been blessed with the beautiful qualities of Marie, I am also now being shaped by mom Patrice. For those who knew Marie, this can be hard to swallow. So think of it like this...Most of us go through life having one mom. Once we get to know her, well, we know her. Her personality doesn't change. It is unlikely that her opinions and viewpoints will change significantly. And though we know her well, and the relationship takes on different roles as we mature, we will still only ever have that one reference of "mom." What a blessing to know somebody so well. To have that steady person in your life through thick and thing. It is also, however, a tremendous blessing to have two experiences like that. Mainly because mom Marie and mom Patrice are so very different. Not only have they been present for two very different time periods in my life, but they have had two unique personalities, viewpoints, and strengths to enrich my life with.
Does this make sense? Those things that were present in my mom that have forever molded me, are things that Patrice does not carry. In the same light, the widsom that Patrice instills into my life is often a strength of hers that mom did not have. I have the benefit of being mothered by two very wise, God-fearing women. For this, I can only thank one person. My heavenly Father, in His infinate wisdom and planning, knew exactly what He was doing. Sure, it came at a very heeavy and painful price. But isn't it true that He does everything for a reason and that ALL, ALL, ALL things work out for the good of those who love Him and obey His commands. I pray sicnerely that you will be blessed this mother's day. Whether you are a mom, have a mom, or both...never under-value your place or your mother's. Love on her, be loved. Enjoy and cherish your moments together.


Anonymous said...

OK, so maybe this will be a bit too soupy for some folks . . . but I am SO proud of you, Zoe! What a uniquely mature perspective, and how neat that you're willing to share it with the rest of us. I love and admire you very much!


Amanda said...

Your post touched me to tag this along to others. I am moved and awed by your self discovery. And though I don't know what the future may bring for either you and I... I thank you for your message of comfort.

I am a birth mother. My daughter was placed in the arms of another family over seven years ago. God has given me the patience and peace to know that his will is being done. That there is a purpose for everyone, and that my role will be constantly changing. I would like to send a prayer out to all those women who are birth parents who may struggle as to if they really are "mothers". God knows you as a woman of great strength, and though you may not play the role of mom to your child, you've enriched your child's life - perhaps playing the most valuable of roles in a child's life. You are a mother, and I appreciate you. Find peace and... well, Pray often. Lovingly, Amanda

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet cousin. I finally got a chance to visit your site. It is so nice to know all that you've been up to lately. Life can be such an adventure with God! I'm thrilled to hear that you're getting closer to your goal. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Mother's Day. I agree with Uncle Derryck. I am SO proud of you and all that you are willing to do for the Lord. It's amazing to think of all that He has in store for you.
I love you!

Anonymous said...

Well I left you a long email, but this is just to show the kuddos to the world on your blog. I loved your words and I love you. Thanks for being a part of my family now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zoe that is so amazing how you have taken it in. Even a 11 year old can read and be amazed. You have the best attitude!
Your Cuz,

Anonymous said...

I love how you put that. I never thought of it that way. Your mom was such a wonderful person. I was going through old photos yesterday and came across a picture of me and your mom when we went to the beach. She really touched my life. I 'm glad you have Patrice as well. You are right! They are completely different people! haha... I'm glad you've had Patrice in your life as well. She has a heart of gold. See you Saturday for your hair appointment with the best hair stylist ever!= ME! :)

Love you,

Kiki said...

Hey Zo!

Beautiful post! Thanks for remembering me on Mother's Day. It was a hard day for me but your text message was my first Happy Mother's Day that morning.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

love, linda