Tuesday, May 01, 2007

*Keep on Keepin on*

Happy May to you! Summer is here and I'm just that much closer to my goal departure date. I've had a very busy few weeks regarding the support raising and team building. My dear friend Felice put together a support-raising party for me with my Latino family at New Birth and it proved to be such a blessing.
I also got to speak at the church that dad teaches at, God's Rolling Thunder, here in Woodstock during this past Sunday. My response there was equally as warm and the congregation is happy to be sending me as their first supported missionary from the church. An added blessing is that one of the members has built up hundreds of sky miles and is giving me a ticket to Colombia...and just in case that wasn't enough: it's 1st class! Wow. What a treasure!
Well, I'm just gonan keep on keepin on and continue down this adventurous road that God has me on. Thank you so much for keeping up with this site and for taking interest in all that is going on. Please, double please, keep me posted on the happenings of your life and any way that I might be in prayer with you about. Blessings!

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Amanda said...

For those of us that wish to perhaps see you while you are in Bogata, can we all band together to try and determine the non-peak travel seasons. I know that Sam and I would treasure a visit, and would like to bring to you any little bits of home you may want while you are out on God's mission. Keep us posted, we are enjoying your blog. Love, Sam & Amanda