Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Puppy Woes

Oh the challenges of puppy shopping. "He'll be too big" "She won't be a runner" "They require too much attention" "He's not even interested in the dang ball!" "I'm just not feelin that one"

We may be 75 years old before our four-legged member arrives. We decided to definitely get a dog, but now we have to wait until after our May Colombia trip because there is no sense in getting a dog and then leaving for week right afterward. Patience....I'm not a fan of that word! But I'm dealing with it because, as our landlord said, "God has the right dog for you and it'll be here right on time!'

In other news, we head to beloved Colombia in less than two weeks and I'm SO READY! We also just celebrated our 8 months of being married. I know for all you tenured folk out there that 8 months is NOTHING. And I would basically agree. But it is still true that those 8 months FLEW by. And what a happy 8 months they have been.

Sure do hope you are all enjoying this amazing spring (minus the pollen) and that 2010 will be a blessing!
Till next time!!