Monday, March 29, 2010

Puppy Love

Aaron and I are trying to decide when to buy a dog. Its not a matter of IF-we know its going to happen. But when is a good time for it? For those who still read this blog (not sure how many of you are out there still) I would like for you to comment and tell us what you think. We both are split on it. Here's some info to help you vote:

-We want to adopt a mid-size dog (25-35 lbs) that is already housebroken (about a year old) from a reputable adoption agency
-We have been wanting a dog since before we got married. Aaron has never had I pet, I have and love it!
-We can take our dog with us when we move to Colombia for a little $ but not too much extra hastle
-We can buy a dog in Colombia but its harder to find a reputable adoption agency as most dogs for sale are pure-bred
-We are hoping for an early 2011 move to South America (but we know it may be later) which would give us plenty of time to bond with a dog before a major lifestyle change

We have a going Pro's and Con's list which include the following items:

PRO'S/Reasons to buy now-
1. Give us yet another reason to spend time together outside and going to parks etc. with our four-legged family member
2. We have been wanting one for a while and will help ease any baby fever that might be setting in :)
3. We are at the point where we would like to take something on that will give us some responsibility but isn't quite as expensive or serious as having a baby
4. A running buddy for me which I'm dying to have!

CONS/Reasons to wait-
1. It is an added expense every month that, while we can afford it, will dip into the amt. we are saving every month
2. We both are gone every day from 8 am to 6ish pm. I work close to home and can go home during my lunch to take care of it, but its still a long time to leave him alone
3. There may be some time when we first move to Colombia that our housing will be unsure. The dog would probably have to stay with somebody Stateside for a few months and then be shipped down to us once we had a permanent home

So, if you can think of any more pro's and con's to add, let us know in a comment as well as any other thoughts that will help us decide. Thanks for your help everybody!!!


Unknown said...

My 2 cents - I honestly think it would be easier to purchase a dog once you arrive in Colombia. Traveling is a little tentative as there are times of the year that flights will NOT take dogs due to the weather (too hot or too cold), so you would need to consider that when traveling. Getting a dog in-country, you are sure to get a dog that the local vet knows something about (can't imagine bringing our Great Dane here to Honduras!), you can make an acquaintance with a local vet and get to know them prior to purchasing a pet. Traveling with a dog on a plane is VERY stressful for the dog. Having waited until we arrived I think was the best idea we could have made!

Jill said...

I think that having a dog here is probably a good idea, especially since you guys have no way of knowing when you will definitely be able to leave due to all the factors, support etc... I would go ahead and make it happen now. I'm sure that we can all work out times to rotate the cutie between us for a few months if needed :)

Scot Richard Luman said...

I think you guys should go ahead and get one now too. You've got a whole year at least and anything that will help with "baby fever" is a good idea. Plus while Aaron is at ultimate on Tuesdays you can come out with the other girl and dog girls that watch. Meet new people, still be with Aaron, and have a running buddy! Tell you what....I'll buy the first bag of dog food!

Unknown said...

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I think your guys should go ahead and get one now too.