Sunday, March 28, 2010

We are booked!

I recently received my new passport as a Das which is going to come in very handy for our Colombia trip we scheduled for May! Woohoo! We are so excited to have concrete plans to check out Medellin, Colombia and a ministry opportunity there. With less than 2 months to go, we are trying to finalize our plans for the week there as there are tons of things we need to get done...

-meet with the board of directors for the ministry
-check out apartments to get an estimate of cost of living
-check out language schools for Aaron
-go to a soccer match for the ministry
-visit some UCU friends/attend an UCU Bible study
-take a tour of the city to get a good feel for it

Our desire is for this to be the "make or break it" trip as a last step before we can start support raising and finalizing plans for a 2011 move. Aaron and I would greatly appreciate your prayers as we seek His will for our future in missions.

Below are some pictures from Aaron's birthday dinner/trip to FL and a little zoe-home-maker-pie I made. :) Happy Spring y'all!