Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wedding Bells and PTO

Currently, Aaron and I are completely wrapped up in two things: trying to plan our Paid Time Off (PTO) from work and figuring out how we are going to attend THREE weddings in THREE different states all within THREE months of each other. YIKES!

First up, a short trip to Sarasota, FL to visit some good friends and get a little R&R. Shortly after that is a trip to Colombia where we plan on visiting a possible future ministry site in Medellin. While that will be PTO, it won't be vacation. This is a serious exploritory trip for which we are very excited. Then its Felice's wedding for which I am a bridesmaid in her St. Augustine, FL wedding in June. Next up is Aaron's best friend's wedding in none other than New Mexico in July. We're trying to plan a vacation around that trip. Last but certainly NOT least is my sister's wedding in August. I'm her matron of honor and I'm so looking forward to helping her. Somewhere in there we'll celebrate our one year anniversary and start support raising. Wow, I'm getting tired just writing it. But, its all going to be so fun and eventful and full of new love as our dearest friends and family take the plunge!

So, as January wraps up and the rest begins to unfold, all I can say is: ¡Que tengan un buen año! (Have a great year!)


aaron-das said...

El Vedrio = glass?
Las Gentes = tires

Zoe said...

you are cracking me up! NO NO NO VIDRIO and LLANTES hahahaha