Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Well dear friends, I'm officially the biggest blog slacker ever! Honestly it just hasn't seemed like there was anything going on that I thought anybody would want to read about. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my life! I'm having a blast being married and Aaron shows me every day why it is God brought us together. But other than working at the bank, cooking meals, cleaning house, and spending time with Aaron, my life hasn't been any kind of super exciting. Until now.....

I'm MORE THAN EXCITED to write about the fact that Aaron and I have officially started the missionary process. This month we are sending out letters just to tell people what is going on with us. Some of the letter's content include things like planning a trip to Colombia for an exploritory trip, starting the support-raising process in the summer, and how we are doing in general.

While I can't promise to update the blog as much as I used to, I am definitely going to be updating it at least bi-monthly. So, until next time, we would appreciate your prayers as we are taking the babysteps into all that God has for us as missionaries to the Latin World. God bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!