Monday, April 20, 2009

Things I'll miss, things I'm ready for PART TWO

As promised, you can now find out the things I have missed the most, and the things I'm ready to experience in good ole Atlanta. I left the United States in January of 2008. This puts me at being out of the country for a near total of 1 1/2 years. This, in the scheme of things, is a fairly short amount of time. However, when it comes to certain things, 1 1/2 years seems like a lifetime! Let's see...

Things I'm ready for:
I'm ready to start getting things for my first apartment with Aaron. We'll be living in a wonderful basement apartment with two bedrooms, one bath, a private driveway, and just enough space for two love birds. The pic below is not of our apartment, but it is representing all that I'm ready for: starting a home with my sweetie!

I'm ready for the WEDDING! I'm ready to wear the white dress, to carry the flowers, to eat the cake, and to become a Mrs. More specifically, Mrs. Zoe Danielle Das! WOOHOO It has a nice ring to it wouldn't you say?

Things I miss:
I miss cable TV in English. I haven't ever been one of those tv addicts. But it will be lovely to sit down in front of the tv with my favorite snack and watch an episode of Lost or American Idol. Yay!

I miss SEASONS! Oh my goodness. Bogota has two seasons. The rainy season which stays a wet and rainy 45-55 degrees, and the dry season which stays a dry 50-60 degrees. The leaves dont' change, there is no summer, and when it rains, it POURS! Atlanta seasons, here I come!

I miss my family. It will be so wonderful to just have dinner with them, watch a movie, drive in the car, and chat. Shopping with mom, hanging out with dad, discussing books with Joe, listening to Ben talk about his car, and staying up talking with Jill. I love you family! See you soon!

DRIVING! I know I know, the Atlanta traffic can be horrible! But I have spent the better part of 1 1/2 years taking buses and taxis or relying on others to drive me from a to b. I'm ready to sit behind the wheel. Now, as of yet, I will not have my own car for the year in the States. So, below is a pic of my precious husband-to-be's car who has so graciously offered to share it with me! Thanks honey!

And again, saving the absolute best for last....I miss my Aaron!!!!!! I'm ready to see his face every day and not just hear his voice coming from my phone. I'm ready for dates and holding hands and watching movies and doing puzzles and just staring at him in wonder! Haha, we're still in the gaga stage and proud of it!

So, there ya have it folks. This wraps up my two-part blog of all the things I'll miss in Colombia and all the things I'm looking forward to in the States. Visit soon as I will be slowly wrapping up my time here in Bogota!