Monday, April 20, 2009

Things I'll miss, things I'm ready for PART ONE

Well, for those of you who were disappointed by my short blog entry last time, THIS should make up for it.

I have now been in Colombia for 9 months. During that time, I have fallen in love with certain aspects of the culture and life here. These are the things I will miss terribly when I leave in less than 2 months. They are the memories I will hold onto and the people I will keep in touch with.

I'm going to miss how inexpensive everything is here. This includes $2 manicures, $8 haircuts, $3 lunches, and $150 rent.

I'm going to miss speaking Spanish A LOT! I'm praying that I don't lose the level I have gained and that when I come back, it'll be like I never left. But this, I feel, is unlikely.

I'm going to miss my favorite restaurant, Crepes and Waffles. They serve the most unbelievably delicious food for way cheaper than you would get in the States. My mouth waters when I think of my Curry Crepe, Hindu Style or my Nutella and ice cream dessert crepe. YUM!

I'm going to miss the Ciclovia (cycle-way) where, on Sunday mornings, they shut down major streets in Bogota so that people can ride their bikes or jog through the streets that are usually wall-to-wall cars. This is where I do my long runs, and I'm going to miss it greatly!

I'm going to miss being able to walk just 6 blocks to my grocery store or the fruit and vegetable market. In the States, this generally requires the use of a car and an hour of your time.

Saving the best for last...I will definitely miss the friendships I have made, the students I mentor, and my office-mates! It will be an adjustment not seeing these wonderful faces on a daily basis. :(

Stay tuned for the next entry where you can find out all the things I'm ready for! Over a year from home can leave you longing for some of the "North American luxuries"...


Jill said...

Gracias por la LONG ENTRY haha!
I miss you lots, and the US can't wait for you to move back!

aaron-das said...

wow...I sure do hope that I'm a "North American Luxury"

Anne Marie said...

mmm... Crepes and Waffles! I miss them.