Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Travel upsets...

As a person who has the slightest touch of OCD, I'm taking this opportunity to vent. Oh don't worry, this venting session is rated G and in all honesty is probably pointless. But I need an outlet for my frustration and figured that some of you might get a laugh out of it. So...here goes


Is the backpack that I recently ordered. It is NEW, but being where this is the land of the "I want it now" and "I can find it cheaper on Amazon.com" I decided to use my trusty ole cyber friend and get the same backpack for half the price. And, in the spirit of fast food, I ordered it to arrive on expedited shipping so that I could have it before my Canada Trip. You see, I am traveling with the luggage Nazi, otherwise known as Derryck McLuhan. I say this lightly because I, in fact, am also generally quite anal when it comes to traveling light. But this is NOT one of my missions adventures, its vacation. I want OPTIONS people. I don't want to wear the same shirt 3 days in a row like I do in Colombia. I want cute pictures with my big family in lovely Canada and want them taken in STYLE! Well, "the Mcluhan family never checks on luggage when there are connecting flights involved" (says daddy earlier this evening). So I'm thinking...oh good, if my backpack gets here in time I can pack a large amount of clothes into a smaller space and still use it as a carry-on. Right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? Because it's not coming. Yup, that's right. I checked the status today and, even though I ordered it SUNDAY, the silly company didn't send it out until THIS AFTERNOON. The other funny part is that my backpack will arrive some time on Friday when I'm already in Canada. It will sit in its not-so-inconspicuous box on my front porch for EIGHT FULL DAYS! Ugh

What can we learn from this lesson? We can learn that when you want something done right, do it the old fashioned way....GO TO THE STORE and PAY MORE! Yes, can't you just hear your grandfather going on and on about how we rush too much in this day and age. "We didn't even have backpack when i was a boy..." So, back to the ole rolling, heavy, and not space efficient suitcase. Guess my backpack will have to be broken in during my move to Colombia.

Tune in next week for pictures from Canada!


Anonymous said...

Awe...I'm sorry baby.