Saturday, June 28, 2008

Canada eh?

Hello from GORGEOUS Canada!!! What can I say-I'm having an incredible time. I didn't realize how much I would value this last big family event emmediately before my departure to Colombia. What a precious time. Words don't do it I put up pictures. In all honestly-they don't do it justice either. But they are the best I could do. Enjoy!
p.s. the video is of me and my brother after a LONG day....enjoy the laugh! (its only 45 seconds)


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

You are a RETARD! But the pics are GREAT!

Amanda said...

wow, it is absolutely beautiful... if only your dad had adopted me, things that could have been. sniff sniff. you are in my thoughts, and your OCD is my favorite feature of your strange work habits... don't ever let it go. Love, Sam and Amanda in Tulsa

Gracie said...

AHahahahahahahahaha! That video, hahaha! Drug on brain :)