Thursday, May 01, 2008

Raises and Cruises

Who says missionaries have to survive paycheck to paycheck? I DO!!! Well, in an effort to avoid that and to attempt to accomodate the decline of the dollar around the world, the LAM and I have decided to increase my salary. Yes, this is great news. It just has one minor complication....I HAVE TO RAISE THE MONEY FOR THE RAISE MYSELF! Hah, I love this missions world I live in. Actually its important that it doesn't sound like I'm complaining because the truth is I am very thankful that this information came BEFORE I was deployed to the field.

In other news, I am leaving this evening for a 4-day cruise. Speaking of, generally speaking a missionary's salary would not pay for such a luxury. But, one of my closest and longest-known friends, Nicki Douthit, is getting married!!! So today we'll all board the Caribbean Princess and tomorrow, at see, my precious friend will say her vows surrounded by family, friends, and the Caribbean Sea!!! I'll post a few pictures when I get back to Atlanta on Monday.
All Aboard!!!