Monday, May 12, 2008

My time in the States

I arrived back here on April 21st with the intention of being here until the middle of June. God of course was not on my schedule and my visit has been prolonged until a projected mid-July move. With more support to raise than I initially intended, God is simply proving to me over and over again that this is HIS will for my life and it is according to HIS plans and schedule. I'm not at all disappointed with what He is doing. He has gone before and paved the way. I can't sit around and ask the "why's" because His word is clear...I don't need to understand every detail, I just need to be obedient and open to what He is saying and doing. He is pouring blessings upon me financially as I continue to receive very unexpected support gifts and pledges. He is answering the need for more support already!

This prolonged stay is serving as a blessing in several ways. There is a family reunion being held in Canada this year for my grandmother's side of the family (dad's mom). This is the first of its kind in the history of the Reesor family and there will be up to 80 of us there. I can't wait to see cousins that I haven't seen in years, some I have never even met. Heritage is so very important so I am looking forward to being connected with them.

My schedule, so far, is becoming more and more jam packed. Our family is having a garage/estate sale this weekend so I'm busy getting ready for that. I MIGHT be going to Arizona next week to take my grandmother back who has been visiting here and had some complications with her health. I plan on taking a 3-4 day trip up to Cleveland, TN to be with my sister for a few days. June may slow down a little and the family reunion is scheduled for the end of June and beginning of July. Needless to say I'm a movin' girl! But I like it that way.

I'll try to keep blogging but they may serve as mundane entries seeing as there is very little exciting activity going on right now for me. And if anybody in the Atlanta area would like to stop by this Friday and Saturday for some good buys, let me know! We are truly having a MAJOR blow-out sale! :)


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hey girl! Wow! A packed schedule indeed. I must say, I was a little gloatful when we went to school today to take care of a few details, and all our fellow students were stressing about school :-) be done with that! Tutoring starts tomorrow, we are excited about that. Love ya, miss ya!