Friday, March 21, 2008

Shots, servants, and Semana Santa.

Short update to let you all know the happenings in Bogota this Holy Week. Many of you already know that I'm here during my Easter Break from school to attend a conference with my future ministry. I can't possibly write this without telling a short story.

On Monday morning I arrived in the airport of San Jose to catch my 2 hour flight to Bogota. I get to the ticket counter (after first going to the WRONG airline's ticket counter) only to be informed that I will be allowed to leave San Jose but not allowed to return. Why? Because I havn't had the yellow fever vaccine. interesting that I didn't have to have it to get in the first time. Such is Latin life. So, I said that I would take my chances and hopped on board. Once in Bogota, at the airport, I went ahead and got the shot. Yes folks, they give shots in airports apparently! HAH! THEN, I was also informed that I would have to wait 10 days after receiving the shot before I could leave the country. OH GREAT! Considering that I have classes to get back to that really wasn't going to work out for the best. So, I spoke to some Colombians and they said to not worry, they only tell me that 10-day thing to make money off of the ticket-change. Well, we'll see how it goes but I just might land in Costa Rica only to find out that I have to be sequestered for a few days.

Anyway, I have some AMAZING pictures from this week but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag. So, I'll be sure and post a fun video first thing Tuesday! I will say that the topic for the conference is how to SERVE. This is definately a topic that we all benefit from and I have enjoyed the information. I would also add that I have had moments of pure frustration with the language. Its like I'm either hot or cold. I either walk away from a session or conversation feeling like I have conquered every nook and cranny of Spanish. Or, I feel like I know nothing and never will and wasted 2 hours of listening to somebody speak in weird sounds and tones. I have gotten to see how much I have learned and how much more there remains to be discovered. Well, be sure to check back in on Tuesday cause its going to be a good one! HAPPY HAPPY EASTER! Christ is RISEN!


Jill said...

On a very very small scale I understand how you feel about Spanish! Many times in class there were days when I swear I had been abducted by aliens and was listening to them jibber-jabber for 50 min's and then there were days that I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD and got soo much out of the lesson! I will def be keeping you in my prayers b/c although my example is a very poor one compared to your story, I feel your pain sister! Love you!

CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hey my friend - I hope you are safe and sound! Welcome back?!