Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fresh off the Tarmak!

Friends and family! Miss y'all!
Well, just got off the plane from my trip to Arizona. I went out there for Farrah's wedding, my cousin. What a beautiful bride! Mrs. Farrah Silva...you go girl!!!
So, I came home to a most delightful surprise...a phone call from Costa Rica! WOOHOO. Could it really be that soon? So, their names are Mike, Erin, and their daughter Madison. They are the Pettengills and are my big brother and sister as are assigned by the language school there in San Jose. Would that make Madison my big/little sister? O-well. It was so exciting. So real! January 2nd is going to arrive faster than I can say Continental Airlines. Anyway, I spoke with Mike and he informed me that they are lovingly (my translation) searching for the perfect place for me to live while I'm there. So thoughtful! The Lord is taking care of me and I'm not even there yet! The Pettengills are studying Spanish as well and intend to move to Honduras next summer for missions. I have linked their blogs on this site, so take a peek if you can! This trip to Arizona was the last big thing before my departure. Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, and I'm excited about that. AND....my birthday! Woohoo! 24 on the 13th of this month!
In terms of support, I'm on the final leg here folks! But I'm waiting patiently for some churches to give the final say on whether or not they will support me. I have total and complete peace about everything! Know anybody who wants to get a foot into missions but can't take the full plunge? Supporting a missionary is an AWESOME way to participate in what God is doing over seas! Be checking your mailboxes as well for my fall newsletter. Until then, happy holiday planning!
Zoe "Daniela"