Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Birthday fun

So, I think I'm definately in my MID-20's now. I guess that's good. I enjoyed the day thoroughly. My long time mom #2, Kay, came down for a visit. We did girl stuff like shop the mall and eat a yummy lunch out. Saturday was the little brithday get-together and that was nice as well. Mostly, I just had a quiet birthday and got some great gifts. Dad-a recorder that I need for language school, Patrice-a really cute jacket and red shirt, Tracy-a $24 gift card, Kay-a great watch that I picked out and some cute purple jewelry, and Nicki-tickets to see Brian Regan and a delicious dinner. Tomorrow is back to work but to see some fun pics from the various events head to my Web Gallary-link is located at top write of the page. Here's to my 24th year of life!


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Happy birthday my friend! Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. By the way - I see you are interested in working with pregnant teens and new moms. That's awesome! We will have to talk more - I have lots of experience. See you soon! Erin Pettengill

Anonymous said...

ZOITA!!! Happy Birthday girly! I'm glad to hear your mid-twentieth-ish birthday was fun and not traumatic:) Love ya! Kiki