Tuesday, August 07, 2007

While in Colombia!

Just got back from a nice visit to my future home of Bogota, Colombia! It was incredible! Here are some pictures. I'm in the process of contacting you to tell you details of the trip but please enjoy the pictures and their explanations! Looking forward to talk to you!

Me-having some fun with a Colombian Flag and traditional costal hat. Viva Colombia!

A small view of the city. Mountains in every direction!

The UCU office where I'll be working every day! It's close to the center of the town and in an awesome location.

At a Wednesday night bible study with some of the university students.

This is Grace Morillo, one of the women at UCU that I'll be working with.

Another view of the city...more mountains. This was taken from Grace's apartment.

This is the church that I will be attending. Sunday morning service.

Me-praying with a woman and her children in the single-moms' ministry. Her husband died last month after being hit by a bus on the street. This is only one of hundreds of stories that will pull at your heart.

The women and their children at the single-moms' meeting. Their stories are alive in my heart. Join me in praying for the hope that can be theirs.

A family I visited. A women, with her 4 children, live in ONE room. Her husband left her to take care of them by herself. Again, heart-breaking. But she loves the LORD!!!

My pastor's wife and wonderful friend, Lucy. A huge blessing in my life!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing those touching pictures. It's wonderful to see where you'll be ministering. I love you sweet cousin!