Monday, March 02, 2009


What is surgery like in Colombia? Well, mostly the same. The only thing that is particularly different is the care you receive post-op. As I was waking up from being under general anesthesia, the Dr. decided it would be a good time to talk to me about what he discovered. The ONLY thing I remember is that I have endometriosis. He didn't tell me how to take care of my wounds (I have three: 2 about 2-inches long and a small one in my belly button), He didn't tell me what exactly "one week of rest" means, and he prescribed regular, over-the-counter, Tylenol for my pain. On his way out, he gave me a hefty shot of Tramadol for the pain and then let me sit in recovery for two hours throwing up because the pain killer made me sick. I'm writing this all in humor because when all else fails, laugh at life. Then again, yesterday I had a time with friends where I laughed for 10 minutes straight and quite honestly I think I did some damage as today it hurts to do anything, including sit in my chair. :( Go figure

In all seriousness, I'm doing well except for pain. I go in later this week to meet with the Dr. to discuss treatment options. What is Endometriosis? Click HERE if you'd really like to read more about what I've been diagnosed with. My mom had it and, while it is manageable, it has some unfriendly symptoms.

I'm taking this week easy and mostly off my feet. I have missed a complete week of classes, which I'm annoyed about, but it looks like I'll be missing at least 2 more days. So, I'll deal with the mountain of make-up work this next weekend.

I got my computer back which has been so helpful since I'm required to stay off my feet. I've spent the time re-writing the many MANY documents I lost. Other than that, I'm happy to be alive and only in moderate pain. Aaron is coming for a visit in 2 1/2 weeks which I am very much looking forward to. Sorry it took so long to update. Thanks for your prayers!
p.s. for all you medical types out there, here's a pic of my ultrasound. The big round object is the 4-inch cyst they removed. :)


aaron-das said...

Thanks for the the way....nice cyst...i'm glad its not in you anymore:)

Anonymous said...

neosporin can help the incisions, and so can vitamin e

take lots of vitamin c to help with healing!

here's some info for other searchers

and several docs in NYC