Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What exactly IS Ibague? Heehee....its a city in Colombia. About a four-hour drive will take you to lower altitude (Bogota is about 8,000 feet), lush greenery, 85 degrees, and the smaller city of Ibague. I was there this past weekend for an UCU retreat with about 45 college students and recent graduates. In this case, pictures are definitely going to speak louder than words. So, enjoy!
This was the view from my bus window on the way to Ibague.

One of the pictures from the place we were staying-A retreat/farm just outside of Ibague. Roughin-it in a beautiful place!

Where the girls stayed...25 girls sharing a room and only TWO bathrooms. Heehee

Some of the girls! I made some good friends.

Me with the local farm pet...he could even talk, in Spanish of course!

Ok, this is a LONG story. We had a "talent show" and a big group of us did a skit. My role: the small "pool" that the Eunich was baptized in by Philip in Acts. It was HILARIOUS! The guy in the pic is the Eunich and he is being dipped. heehee

Sitting in one of the sessions.

A candle-lit time around a bonfire. Great fun!

leaving the property and headed to catch the bus back to Bogota

The official group shot for the weekend. Such a blast getting to know all these folks!

In terms of my apartment situation....what apartment? Yeah, the one that we were going for was turned down. So we're kinda back to square one. Meanwhile I am living at the UCU house. There are two spare rooms here and there's a kitchen. There are some definately pro's and con's to living here but I'm not worried. I see myself being here 2-3 weeks before we are able to get approved for an apartment so, what's a couple weeks? Its great because I just wake up, shower up, get dressed, and boom!...I'm already at work! The main downside is that there is a fairly large lack of privacy because students are coming and going all day. But, no biggy! Just keep praying that Yomaida and I find just the right place for us. God knows what's up! Until next time friends!

QUOTE:There is nothing so easy to learn as experience and nothing so hard to apply.
Josh Billings


Jill said...

I'm glad you updated your blog, I was missing you and tired of looking at that picture of brownies I couldn't eat. lol.
I just updated mine as well, it is somewhat lighter than the last post so you can stop your singing!

CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Great pics - looks like a great time! When is Aaron coming?

mikepettengill said...

You are so cool...we love and miss you...look forward to seein' your man.